"Grab & Go" Breakfast Program

Sanford-Fritch ISD "Grab & Go" Breakfast Program
The SFISD will be implementing a new breakfast program designed so that ALL students who are in the school each day will have the opportunity to eat breakfast.
Clinical studies have shown that breakfast has been suggested to positively affect learning in children in terms of behavior, cognitive, and school performance.
The Program
To ensure that ALL students have an opportunity to eat breakfast; ALL campuses will be serving breakfast each day after the school day begins.  Elementary will eat in the cafeteria.  Junior High and High School students will "grab & go" back to the classroom during their UIL/Tutorial perod
Serving Times
Elementary - 8:00 am
Junior High - 9:38 am
High School - 9:34 am
Free for students who qualify
$0.30 cents for students who qualify for reduced fee
$1.50 for full paid students
If you have any questions, contact your child's administrator at 806-397-0159.